Monday, July 5, 2010

Excitement plus - a portfolio collection!

A very exciting package arrived in the mail today.  We have been pondering for a while the need to get a more professional look to our portfolio and artwork.

So we committed and made our first 'blurb' books. You can find portions of mine here. We spent about 3 days full on designing - downloading software, retrieving and sorting photographs, choosing layouts and styles and working out what to say alongside the images, editing and then uploading the book file.  It was an intensive but very rewarding task.  We were both thrilled with the product and can now go in and order as many as we need for different promotional purposes.

Its the kind of thing we might update annually or if we were super organised, do for each major exhibition we take part in.  We chose to sell the books for the price they cost us, rather than include any mark up for profit, given that they are really a promotional tool rather than an money-making venture.

Self promotion is hard, but having a beautiful book of your work, makes it a lot easier.

We had really hoped they would arrive before Lucas Parklands; and then before we headed off overseas; but they didn't. It was still nice to pick them up today tho!


  1. Wow - the blurb book looks great - I see another project in the wind!

  2. fiona, this looks very fine. i can see the care and attention to detail, and of course i want to see the whole thing. how was blurb to work with?

  3. Oh I love your book!! Congratulations on putting it together so beautifully. WOW!!! indeed.

  4. Thanks for the kind words - it is a nice way of demonstrating the sorts of things I do. I actually enjoyed looking over it all and realising how productive I've been over time - so a nice bit of self-reflection/feedback as well!

  5. PS Velma - the process was easy and quite intuitive. It took 3 solid days to get the design right but very manageable. Sadly the postage delivery was quite delayed and I wouldn't want to have had a deadline...


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