Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As mentioned recently I have been exploring the notion of home and my place in the world a bit more with my art.  I have also been playing with different forms of accordion books and the two have come together somewhat serendipitously in this piece.

It started out as a trial/practice book - I wanted to do this double-fold accordion book and I planned to simply use interesting heavily textured paper as the insert - nothing on it, it was going to be all about the process. I prepared the concertina bit and played with the insert until I thought I had the engineering right.

In the end I felt the insert needed a bit more interest, so I began to just stitch travel lines onto it, in different directions and with ambiguous starting and finishing points. After a day of that we went away.

I returned to it after we got back, with some new ideas -  I wrote on it in my own handwriting; then hand-stitched over the handwriting. Next I added the crosses and a few more travel lines of stitching. Oh, and I also burnt incense holes - again!

All good - but when I went to put it into the concertina bit - it just didn't work. I pulled it out, tried it this way and that, checked the instructions, looked at the pictures again and then figured - actually the design is simply fundamentally flawed. Begin again.

I played with a couple of options and chose this slotted accordion option and really like it.


  1. The travel lines crossing one another and the burnt holes are all intriguing. The engineering appears to work well.

  2. This is a travel map of great sophistication, Fiona. I love it all - the mark making and the simple but beautiful construction.
    Noela xoxoxo

  3. Thanks Leslie and Noela - I'm pretty happy; it's so nice when something become better than you imagined. It's also nice to head off on a new path and discover it's all OK! For now.

  4. wonderful travel map to find your way home!

  5. Very elegant! I love the subtle color palette and the construction is very appealing.

  6. i like this bookwork...very nice marks here.


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