Monday, July 19, 2010

Jumpers & Jazz in July

Over the weekend we travelled to my dad's home town Warwick for its annual winter festival of "Jumpers & Jazz in July". The trees on main street have all lost their leaves, and are looking bare and wizened. What to do? Dress them up in 'jumpers' and make them bright and happy and smile-inducing!

As soon as we got out of the car, the smiles appeared on our faces and didn't really leave whilst we walked the length of the street and around the parks. Lots of fun interpretations and lots of really talented artists at play alongside children, community groups and businesses.

It's a great community effort, and on top of all this we got to enjoy the jazz being played around town AND some pipe and drum bands (that is lots of bagpipes!)


  1. Looks like a heap of fun, and isn't it great that the community has embraced the craziness?
    N xoxoxo

  2. I do love that the whole community does it - trees are 'dressed up' in front yards and on roadsides...I couldn't help think it must have been a night at the pub a few years ago, when somebody thought it was a great idea to dress the trees up and then went ahead and organised it!

  3. F Loved the organge and pink creation - a very odd coloured succulent? B

  4. I love the rainbow jelly fish. Is that what they are? So much fun! Maybe we can do something just as crazy up here in the hills??


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