Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Encaustic -DIY!

I have been looking at  a lot of images of encaustic work recently and seeing some beautifully rendered pieces in galleries as well.  So of course, I wanted to try it.  Only thing is, living in a small town not many people are advertising encaustic workshops that I could attend.

So I bought a book and I bought some damar resin and we picked up an old frying pan at  a garage sale. Whilst in Portland, I bought some wax already mixed with damar resin and a pot of coloured encaustic wax as well.  Slowly I was building up to it.

The weekend was bit misty and mizzly, so the time was right to head to the studio and play. I tried a few different things and lacked a few key tools I think (like a really wide brush) but generally speaking had quite a bit of fun mucking about.  I would now like to spend some time with somebody who actually knows what they are doing!  Here are the two bits I played with and the studio mess whilst playing.

I think I played with bottom one too much before it was dry - what do you think!?!?!


  1. I think you are brave to tackle encaustic without a workshop-- I tried to learn the process from the book, but am so glad I finally took 2 workshops--there is so much to be cautious about-- if the wax gets too hot the fumes can be dangerous-- as long as you keep the temp. (use a candy thermometer) at a safe level-- then all it will take is practice-- and time-- and you will start to like the results.

  2. Thanks Donna - I really do think it will be best to learn in a supervised manner - the book stuff will be helpful later!

  3. Did you try the process on paper or canvas? I have not tried encaustic but have used plenty of shoe polish in the past. Must be someone around who can help. I'll be in it if you can find a workshop or 'playday' Master xoxoxox

  4. So much to read and take in here on your fascinating blog. I'll look forward to seeing you on Book art Object. I'll be interested to see how you get on with the mysterious (to me) encaustic process.


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