Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earth, Dreams, Magic

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this beautiful book before! Luckily our fabulous local Library is again hosting an exhibition of some local artists whose work appears in it.

We live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland which is a beautiful and majestic landscape - ancient volcanic mountains; lush sub-tropical forests; fields of green grazing dairy pasture and populated by lots of artistic and creative folk as well. The Hinterland Business Centre (a not for profit enterprise) seeks to promote the creative industries in the region; and to encourage the hinterland as a creative destination for tourists.

They produced this magnificent book Earth, Dreams, Magic - A journey through the Blackall Range region which profiles artists along the Range as well as creative industries and the beautiful countryside. It is visually rich and delicious to look at and is a fabulous promotion of the region and its people.

Both Barry and I appear in it and along with several excellent and talented artists from the book we have a small exhibition opening at the Library on Monday 19 July, running for a couple of weeks.

The book is a great gift  and a great read; lovely to dip into now and gain and discover some more of the magic.

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