Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Letter a Week - back on track - 27,28 & 29

My last post was all about my frustration with not being able to find my way this time - but I am now happy with where I am heading with the second alphabet.

I have ended up with elements that feel like me and the opportunity to be a little bit creative each week, even tho I am following a slightly more standardised format this time around. In the end life's all about balance.

I have chosen to use my own heartbeat scrip (as mentioned, the final product will hopefully be a little exemplar or sampler); hand stitched onto rusted braille paper; with a small bit of decorative suggestion done  on the paper each week.

So here are the 3 weeks' worth I had to catch up, along with a picture of the stash of paper I will be using. I am also toying with the idea of only outlining every second letter just to add another bit of interest/difference within the final piece.

A - I traced a few lines in pencil around contours I found in the paper
B - I drew some running stitch lines in black marker pen
C - I left alone as the rusty blob down the bottom was enough


  1. You are very brave to be using the braille paper, but I like the balance you are getting between the letters and the blobs. The stitching is looking fabulous xoxo

  2. this is so fantastic! love your ideas.


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