Friday, July 16, 2010

So many ways of returning...

Creativity, the right side of the brain and the subconscious seem to work along together so quietly and then the left brain catches up and notices that something is going on. For me, it's this notion of travel lines, my place, home and returning.

I was fortunate to sell my lovely piece "Returning" this week and I know it is going to the best of homes where it will be loved and treasured.  Whilst it has still been in my care I have been experimenting a bit with it - more of that to follow later - but we have also just had it sitting outside where we see it every time we come home. Each time we return.

I popped the cut-out letters on some timber that was lying around next to it, and when I went to pack it up this morning I discovered these beautiful marks and letters.

Perhaps the piece isn't really leaving, it's essence is remaining with us. Perhaps there are so many ways of returning - into the timber to gently fade away, returning home no matter where that is. It hadn't struck me how much returning resonated with the travel lines, home and my place until these letters emerged today. Serendipity is a beautiful thing.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful little message from the universe. I can see lots of inspiration coming your way from this 'serendipitous' happening.
    N xoxoxoxo

  2. yes-- I often have that serendipitous feeling-- how leaving often leads back to the start or beginning-- like a cycle.


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