Wednesday, October 6, 2010

200th post and a wee giveaway!

Once again - who'd have thought I'd ever be a person who wrote 200 blog posts?  The world is a wonderful place and I can get quite absorbed once I begin thinking about how connections are made through the internet; how blogs allow us to 'meet' with people who share our thoughts, ideas and approaches; how conversations begin, ideas spark and collaborations can occur across the globe.  It's a wonderful time to be alive.

I spent time last Friday making some unique monoprint-collagraph kind of prints.  I have become a little bit intrigued by birds and images of birds; and as a result feathers are also beginning to play in my thoughts and my work.

I made these with some handmade paper we made during a play day with Noela. I inked the plate, placed the feathers on and then dropped a piece of string on top and printed.  I threw that print away, gently lifted the string and the feathers and then printed onto the handmade paper.  Ahh.

I will happily pop one of these into the post for the winner of the giveaway.  All you have to do is to leave a comment with your favourite thought or quote about birds and/or flight.

I'll randomly select a winner next Wednesday 13 October.

Many thanks for sharing the journey so far.


  1. I really like these prints fiona - ghostly (but not in a ghoulish way) and fancy reaching 200 - and in just over a year isn't it? whooof!

  2. Hi Fiona - I'm new here and I guess I picked the right time to follow you, just when you are doing a giveaway! These prints are lovely and I look forward to whatever comes next...

    As for my favorite bird quote, it would have to be from a poem called "The Writer" by Richard Wilbur, in which he describes listening to his daughter struggle through writing a story in another room and how it reminds him of a bird once trapped in the same room...I urge all to go look up this wonderful poem in its entirety but my favorite part is: our spirits
    Rose when, suddenly sure,

    It lifted off from a chair-back,
    Beating a smooth course for the right window
    And clearing the sill of the world.

  3. ~congrats to you on 200 posts...may you continue to greet us each day wit the beauty you create and the words you offer up to share...

    your art is ever so delicat eand pure...i was captivated from the first time i cam eover her for a visit...i wish you well in your day to day...

    “The soul that is attached to anything however much good there may be in it, will not arrive at the liberty of divine union. For whether it be a strong wire rope or a slender and delicate thread that holds the bird, it matters not, if it really holds it fast; for, until the cord be broken the bird cannot fly.”
    St. John of the Cross

    always felt this a beautiful quote...what a fun twist on your generous giveaway...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

    ps...i too am having a giveaway...welcome are you to sneak on by~

  4. Congratulations Fiona! Lovely prints and a significant milestone! You're obviously a natural in the blososphere!

  5. Congratulations on you 200th post Fiona!

    "Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die,
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly." ~ Langston Hughes

    Your prints are lovely. For me, the string represents bondage and the feathers represent flight/freedom.

  6. Ronnie - thanks for the ghostly comment, I agree its like a nether world...
    Gabriella - a lovely word and bird image
    Thanks Amanda - the blogging world is a wonderful one
    Faerwillow - thank you for your kindness and your wonderful quote; links beautifully to the imagery. I shall pop over to your giveaway tonight I hope!
    Jane - I love that quote and hadn't thought of it in years; thanks for your support and thoughts about the imagery - they resonate.

  7. Your prints are just beautiful. Congratulations on your 200th post - quite a milestone and always a most enjoyable experience to read.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.