Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rusted metal books

I really enjoyed making these books and binding single 'pages' of metal for the first time in such a way that they operate as books; rather than simply as book-sculptures.

The worn and used look and feel of the books, is reflected in the words engraved on their covers and stamped on the pages. Despite their sense of wear and weariness; they seem beautiful to me and made new again.

Barry suggested the extra bar on the cover for strength and to differentiate the covers from the pages and I have to agree it works well - it looks strong and defining. I used waxed linen thread and a single page binding to hold them together; and created my own little variation of the finishing stages which I was really happy with.

You can find them for sale here.


  1. really cool; have you ever seen one of Anselm Kiefer's lead books in the flesh before?

  2. I love hand made books and rusty metal and you combined them beautifully here.

  3. Hi Abigail - no I haven't seen any of them; altho I recall flicking thru a book once and seeing one - quite large if I recall?

    Thanks Barbara - for visiting and for leaving a comment! I really like them too.

    Donna - thank you; they are two of my favourite things as well and I think they have worked well here. There is a story somehow about strength, durability and resilience and the capacity to continue to have meaning and impart information...not sure exactly what it is...

  4. yes very large! you should really go and see one if/when you get a chance. photos dont often do them justice.


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