Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Timber Journals

We are fortunate to have in town a fabulous wood and timber artisan - David Linton. I worked with David on a post outside his shop last year; and both Barry and I have a few pieces of work in his gallery.

Whilst semi-reclining I have been able to stitch and finally got around to doing three more journals for his shop.  Very satisfying and meditative just sitting and stitching.


  1. good to feel at least a little useful, healing is such hard work. looks like the leather isn't laced through the covers?

  2. You're right - I simply used leather glue on these ones; stretched the leather and held it down.

  3. These are great, Fiona! I love books in unusual formats or made of unexpected materials! I used to work in a fine arts library and some of the artists books we received were unbelievable - leather, fur, wood, corrugated cardboard, encased in vinyl bubbles, you name it! It is the ONE thing I regret about no longer working there! I'm glad the art of the book is alive and well...and that you too are on the mend!

  4. These look lovely fiona... there's nothing like the 'feel' of a beautifully made book is there?. I brought some gorgeous burr oak boards that someone made me... thought i'd get them stitched while we were on the move... left the paper behind that I'd bought especially!!

    Gently does it... heal well x

  5. These books are beautiful, Fiona, and I love that thread - one of my favourites to use. Good to hear you are able to sew while resting. I looked at the post (stunning!) and David's gallery - I can see that has to be on my list for the next visit to Maleny.

  6. ITT- I agree its nice to be shaken out of our comfort zones a little by books in alternate materials - shall show some more shortly
    Suzi - what a shame you left the paper behind! Nevertheless I'm sure you'll come up with a beautiful option and design in its absence
    Carol - Yes, a trip to David's is always lovely - hope you get to visit soon!


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