Monday, October 4, 2010

A new identity

Life and work have many layers, and linked to our developing art worlds, Barry and I have been conscious that we need to build identities and arts-associated presences greater than our blogs (which we do enjoy greatly!).

So we spoke to our hero designer Holly Webber and asked her to design logos for our art identities, a splash page each for our websites and some business cards and stickers.  In the fashion to which we have become accustomed, she delivered with pizazz and zing - and created an identity for each of us which is so true and so beautiful.

I'm pleased to show you my new business cards. They are 5.5cm square and feel lovely to touch and handle.  Our websites are works in progess (code for Fiona has to learn how to do this) and our stickers are on their way. We are happy folk.


  1. Hello Fiona, your visual identity looks great: love the business cards and your websites! Sara

  2. Hey, gorgeous business cards. I like the size, being square is a touch of difference in a world of oblong cards.

  3. fabulous - that is some talented Miss holly


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