Saturday, October 30, 2010

Delivery Day

Well today we finished our deliveries to Main Street Gallery in Montville.  Barry's "Light Catcher' series are there; along with some of his foldformed metal bowls and leaf forms. I have some journals, some VW/star books, some metal books and some dreamboats on display. Barry and Noela's "Bazola' range of art to wear is also being exhibited there. Barry prepares folded and beaten metal forms and Noela adds found and worn object and designs the final pieces.

It is with a great degree of satisfaction that we visited today and saw the works on display. It is a lovely, light gallery and the pieces work well and appear at home. If you click here(Fiona) and here(Barry) and here(Bazola) you will see all of the pieces! We are fortunate that they are on display there until January 2011. There is a lovely coffee shop above the gallery as well so it's a pleasant little trip.

Here are some photos of the pieces in the gallery:
A few of my books; Bazola on display; some of Barry's pieces.

Another little milestone achieved.


  1. Congratulations Fiona! I saw them today and they looked great, so nice to see them on display.

  2. oh, excellent. a lot of work in a place where it will be seen, enjoyed, and purchased by some. for themselves, for others. i like this way work goes out into the world.

  3. congratulations, it is always a thrill to be represented!

  4. This is great, Fiona - thanks for all the links too, it's so good to see so much work by all three of you in one place here online, but also to know that it is gathered where the public can visit and enjoy it! Each of you is creating such unique work - with style, grace and obvious love - not to be found elsewhere! Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations!
    Wonderful art objects, beautiful artists books!!!
    I wish I was closer and able to visit...

  6. ~good morning...congrats to you and may you continue working towards those milestones...which to me seem HUGE!!! you three are a beautiful trio of magestic art...i wish you well and much l♥ve and light upon you~

  7. Wish I could be there to see all the work in person...the links you provided though, are wonderful. All of the pieces fit so well together...all beautiful! Your ideas and philosophies come through the work in a lovely and quiet way...congratulations!

  8. fantastic! I really love the online galleries - what a great idea - it lets everyone who can't visit the gallery at least see some thing of the works

    fingers crossed its a great success for you

  9. What a wonderful display. Your books look great and I love Barry's Light Catchers. Now more than ever, I'm hoping I can make it to Maleny in the next month or so to see your work in the gallery. The Bazola looks very tempting...

  10. Great to see this exhibition from across the world. I particularly enjoyed your statement about quiet art that doesn't shout.

  11. Thank you all for your comments and support! It's been quite a thrill to have a gallery willing to give our works a show...

    Kim - yes, the gallery is a nice place to display them and they seem at home there.
    Velma - hopefully some will find homes thru sales - but its also nice to just have them out there!
    LDV/Caterina - I agree entirely - it's nice when someone has faith you!
    TT/Gabriella - thanks; we are lucky to be able to work and show together
    Anna - it is a little bit too far for a visit isn't it? but the virtual gallery helps!
    FW - thank you; and on reflection you are quite right, in many ways it is a BIG milestone so we should celebrate that
    Patti - the works do hang together nicely and complement each other; the online gallery helps you feel part of it from afar!
    Ronnie - you're right the online gallery is good for vicarious viewing and helps us share it a bit farther field
    Carol - thanks and I do hope you make it up here sometime soon - lots of fun things to see and do
    AP/Robyn - thank you and its nice to be able to share around the world. Whilst I can admire and be moved by bright and startling art; I do prefer mine quiet and reflective.

    Thanks all - go well


  12. it all looks so wonderful, wishing you a grand time!


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