Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rusty books

I really love the look and feel of rust. I love its discarded beauty; the way it proudly wears its history and I love the sense of rediscovery that happens when I begin to work with rusted materials.

It feels as if the old, the worn, the forgotten, the discarded and the weary have been found; their beauty recognised and valued, and new life given to them.

I have been working on some more rusted books. Their names 'surrender', 'succumb' and 'submit' suggest their past - that they have been surrendered, have succumbed to their environment and submitted to the weather.

Here are the beginnings...


  1. yes, fabulous names for these rusty books!

  2. The text is beautiful against that rusted surface...clean and crisp against the rough and worn. I love your description of the rusted surface proudly wearing its true! Can't wait to see more as time goes on.

  3. ~submit succumb and surrender...these pieces are a gorgeous start and the choice of words perfectly fitting...they have surrendered to life and allowed time to caress them gently...weathering and wearing them in a gorgeous way and now you have come into hands with them and will be creating a new from your fascinating to see one create from a timeless piece...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. fine lettering. i really like the rust on submit, i also like the way those letters look as shapes themselves. the silver on rust (at least it appears silver or white, perhaps).

  5. The more I see of rust the more I appreciate its beauty. And these plates are really lovely.

  6. These are wonderful - love the lettering!

  7. More apologies for tardiness in replying...
    Caterina - the words do suit and tell a tale
    Patti - I like the contrast too and the way the surface leaves me wondering where its been
    FW - a lovely reflection thank you
    Velma - thanks - I like the way the letters work as well
    Carol - we have a joking term amongst a few friends here - 'rust-lust' when we see some gorgeous rust; it can become addictive...
    Jane - thank you engraving versals into steel is not the easiest thing to do, but I like these shapes


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