Sunday, November 14, 2010

ALaW letters 43 & 44

I have been slipping behind with my making of late - for all sorts of reasons, but have spent today in the studio getting lots of things happening. Yay!

I also caught up on my two letters - Q and R.

Q is a simple outline letter I stitched, then I got a punch, a piece of endgrain timber and a hammer, and punched a couple of nice round holes in the background; referencing some of the braille dots.

Q ALAW 2010 ©Fiona Dempster

R got be filled in; and I then just pencil-marked around the shapes that appear around the groups of braille dots; and in the background generally.

R ALAW 2010 ©Fiona Dempster

And here is the book emerging...

Alphabet 2 book ALAW 20120 © Fiona Dempster

O&P ALAW 2010 ©Fiona Dempster


  1. The book is beautiful and I love the shape of your "R".

  2. ~gorgeous...the tranquil colors remind me of nature...earthy...simply beautiuful ways to create making each letter come alive...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Fiona...I do so love these stitched letterforms! The book will be just exquisite! Glad you had quality time in the studio...always makes one feel alive! Best wishes!

  4. I think bad Fiona must have taken over the office - I'm gobsmacked I haven't replied to these comments - many apologies.

    Hi Carol - thanks, the book is taking shape and will be a lovely teaching tool next year. The 'r' is quite elegant I agree!

    Hi FW - the warmth of the paper is special - it really does feel warm and welcoming and earthy. I also like the way the soft dove grey of the letters and the gentle purple of the book somehow seem to work. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Patti - I always admire your commitment to daily studio work and your etsy shop - you seem to balance the production and creativity sides so well. My life seems a bit more scattered but studio time is always special time. I am thinking of stitching whole words and sentences soon in these letters - I don't want to stop!


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.