Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A facelift for my blog!

After talking to myself about it for ages, pondering, and then tentatively exploring possibilities and options for quite sometime, today I finally sat myself down and said "you have an hour to redesign your blog"!  And I pretty much did within the hour.

I was too scared to publish it at first, but then played for another hour and got it to where we are now. Phew.

I am not sure it is finished - lots of opportunities for fiddling and fine tuning I think, but the new look is trying to bring together the identity; and make things look a bit similar.

I mentioned we had new business cards, the website is underway here; and the soft grey is going to play a part in an ongoing way.

I have also introduced myself to tumblr, courtesy of Robyn Gordon from Artpropelled; who wrote this post which got me intrigued (enchanted, besotted, addicted...).

I think about tumblr for me as a modern day version of cutting out images from magazines and sticking them in my book.  My archive page is restful and soothing (for me) and each of the images speaks to me. Quietly.

Burnt text ©Fiona Dempster


  1. the new "look" looks GREAT!
    your tumblr notes are truly a great source of inspiration; all entries are so wonderful, I have to go back and explore more...

  2. Looking good Fiona!!! It's always good to give things a facelift once in awhile! It's time I did that with mine. And tumblr....it's been on my "to do" list every day since Robyn's post, but I haven't ventured there yet...I'm half afraid of the coming addiction!!! Still trying to figure out how to balance it all. Best to you!

  3. excellent. the blog looks terrific. i really like it, the moment i clicked on i said WOW.

  4. snap! to our taste in blogger templates!

    I haven't entered the tumbler universe - (I'm still overcoming my stumbleupon experience - I got too interested and involved for my own good and had to go cold turkey about a year ago!) I'm sure you'll have more restraint!

  5. I like your new look! It's very clean and cool.

  6. Hi Anna - thanks for letting me know the new look is OK! I keep thinking I might need to play more; but for now will let it be. Tumblr is a lovely source of inspiration - I do find it both soothing and exciting.

    Hi Patti - a little refresh every now and again is OK isn't it? The Tumblr thing has plenty of potential for addiction but I think I've worked out how to manage it (am limiting myself to 1 hour scattered over the day). I feel its a positive in terms of showing me lovely thoughts and ideas; rather than a drain so that's good

    Hi Velma - sounds like it had an impact! I'll try not to fiddle too much; the odd tweak here and there. I really like the picture buttons with links on the right hand side.

    Hi Ronnie - well yes, snap it is! I did mine all in white at first like my old one and then thought oh no way that's toooo like Ronnie's! So the grey of the identity is beginning to take over which is probably as it should be. Tumblr - does require monitoring and discipline I must admit.

    Hi Beth Lee - thanks so much. I'm sure my overall approach to things is 'minimal' so I'm pleased you gave it the 'clean' tick!


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