Monday, November 22, 2010

A Letter a Week 45

It was a busy weekend on the mountain with lots of friends dropping by and staying and lots of lovely times. I still managed to grab a brief moment to stitch my 's'. I'm lucky it was an outline letter I guess!

I chose to decorate it with horizontal panels below the letter - it felt a bit ethereal and flighty and as if needed to be anchored a bit.

A Letter a Week is still discovering some fabulous and imaginative approaches to letters - it's worth a look on the ALaW blog to see some of the creative alphabets that are emerging.


  1. ~i really like the background you are working with...very earthy rustic feel...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Yes, rustic and earthy . . . and the stitching is elegant. It's a lovely contrast.

  3. I also love the background, it's like a page taken from an antique braille book. I want to run my fingers over it with closed eyes, and read it like that...

  4. FW, JGR & Louise - thanks for the comments. The rusted braille paper really does just have the most wonderful earthiness and landscape effect. I think I will be using it for quite a while!

  5. Kim - I'm getting rather fond of them as well!


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