Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Letter a Week 46

It's most unlike me, but I have actually done my "Letter a Week ' on Saturday so I think I should mark the event by posting on Saturday!

Here is the letter 'T'. It is from my 'heartbeat script' and is stitched into rusted braille paper. This time I chose to use one of the woodburning-poker-thingies (technical term!). It has a couple of interchangeable heads and I used the square one. I managed not to set the whole page on fire which was good; nor did I melt the underlying surface.

You can deduce from those two comments that I have successfully managed to achieve both those outcomes in earlier attempts!

I usually go for odd numbers of design elements - but this time, the evens seemed to work so I left them.

In case you are interested, here is the sampler of my heartbeat script that I am using as the basis for this alphabet. Only 6 letters left and I should probably be thinking about next year already!


  1. ~there is such beauty in letters...all the various ways they can be written...i really do like the script you have chosen...and the burning of edges adds an aged and beautiful element to this piece...i wish you well and blessings be with you and yours always~

  2. the heartbeat script is lovely. really. my hannah has a love of calligraphy, and has a great eye and hand.

  3. Home at last and now to catch up on favourite blogs. Where to start with all the beautiful work you are doing? I'm fascinated by your wonderful results with encaustic, those papers have taken on such an ethereal look; your new page is very elegant and I love the grey; and now that I've been privileged to see your work & studio, and Barry's, I feel truly inspired by you both. Oh, and I'm trying to resist Tumblr but between you and Robyn, it's not easy.

  4. F-love the 't' recognisable as t but just with a quirky question about whether it really is. Great how the whole alphabet is coming together. B

  5. Hi all!

    AP/Robyn - thank you - it's coming along nicely I think

    FW - as ever thank you for your time and comments. It's nice to know that people appreciate the work; and your comments are always so welcomed!

    Velma - thank you for liking the heartbeat script. I am venturing forth and teaching it next year which will be interesting - letting a little something I have grown out into the big wide world.

    Carol - so glad to know you are home safe and sound. It was wonderful to catch up and share the artiness. Thanks for all the nice comments - I think we all co-inspire each other don't we?

    B - thanks! The 't' does have a nice little hint to it!


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.