Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Encaustic - fun with text and paper

I mentioned in my last post that my next step was to explore how to bring text into play with my rusted tissue paper pieces.  I have torn the pages from an old book and painted the encaustic medium onto both sides.

I love the effect created here - where the paper sort of disappears and the inked text on both sides of the paper remains - so you get a fabulous backwards printed shadow effect.  I had drawn some scribbles on one side of the paper in pencil and it was fabulous to see that they also came thru to the wrong/right side after applying the medium.

I am enjoying where this little exploration is taking me, but am still working on how best to bring text and the marks together.


  1. my thought is, what about color...say colored scribbles. but i'm sure you're already there. this is captivating.

  2. Great effects! One day I want to experiment with encaustics.

  3. Hot(?) wax, and a very cool effect!

  4. Thank again everybody!

    Velma - I hadn't actually thought too much about colour (I seem to be in a very neutral phase) but you're right - it would be intriguing to see some colour peek out from behind...

    JGR - isn't a gorgeous effect!?!?!

    AP/Robyn - there is plenty to explore with encaustic and I am only fiddling in my own personal world; but I really am enjoying the effects!

    Anna - so true! Hot wax and cool effects; pretty neat!


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.