Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

Reading has always brought me pure joy. I read to encounter new worlds and new ways of looking at the world. I read to enlarge my horizons, to gain wisdom, to experience beauty, to understand myself better, and for the pure wonderment of it all. I read and marvel over how writers use language in ways I never thought of. I read for company, and for escape. Because I am incurably interested in the lives of other people, both friends and strangers, I read to meet myriad folks and enter their lives - for me, a way of vanquishing the “otherness” we all experience.
Nancy Pearl (Book Lust)

I think Nancy has captured nearly all of my reasons for reading; and all of the things I enjoy about reading and books. She is a spirited advocate of books and just so you know; has her very own Librarian Action Figure modelled in her likeness!

I guess I would add just for pleasure, for escape and for the chance to simply disappear for a few hours.

Books allow me to be alone; yet feel connected. I never feel alone when I am reading a book as I have a real sense of companionship with the book, the story, the words. In addition, Barry and I often read in companionable silence - with one or the other occasionally interrupting to say "listen to this; what do you think about that? haven't they put this beautifully"? So in our separateness, we are still connected.

Books connect so many of us across the centuries and across the world - the original interweb thingy perhaps?

The photos is courtesy of storiesofwordsonpaper. I have called it "heart reading" in my head.


  1. Exactly! Reading gives me so much pleasure and yet I have been neglecting it lately. Lots of dipping into books for short browses though.

  2. Amen to everything you've said in this post Fiona! Johntimothy and I read that way too, occasionally interrupting the other with some item we just can't keep to ourselves. But also, since the summer, we've taken (as time allows, which is not so often it seems) to reading a book out loud. It's a way to experience a book together and it's fun to read out loud and to be read to...actually I usually do the reading on car trips, while he drives. We'll be away for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday...a five hour trip...lots of reading out loud in the car I'm sure! Happy reading to you and Barry!

  3. ~there is something so powerful that happens when one opens a book...we are moved into a quiet space...away from all the busyness and distractons of our day...our mind quieted yet engaged as we adventure along on the journey given from the author...and to be able to sit together with your l♥ silence...not needing to engage in a conversation but simply be in the presence of eachother is so fulfilling...some of my most treasured moments are of such...always a gift your words are...much l♥ve and light shining upon you and yours~

  4. Robyn/AP - reading is such a precious thing to find the time for - rewarding in even little dips in and out.
    Patti - Travel safe for Thanksgiving and enjoy the reading. Often when reading out loud I am forced to demonstrate how I say a word in my head; and am not sure that's how the rest of the world actually pronounces it - a few fun moments!
    FW- its amazing isn't it how you can disappear into the quietness with a book? And I do so love those quiet moments of togetherness when reading, and the sharing of a thought or idea or to you

  5. Exactly. I read because of the same reasons myself.


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