Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The journey and home

As part of my ongoing exploration of home, journeys and places I have started another book.  In keeping with the style of previous ones I continue to make marks and stitch my handwriting onto the pages.

I wanted to see how white on white would work for  a book where you tried to understand the story. Would it be possible to get a sense of the thoughts and messages or would it be so subtle that they disappeared and were missed?

I haven't yet finished this one but it is progressing nicely.  In this piece, white allows lots of textures and subtle shadows to enhance the story telling and mark making on the pages. White doesn't necessarily hide things, it sometimes lets them shine softly and gently.

The journey continues...


  1. there is something so magical about white on white!

  2. White on white just means you have to look a little more closely and quietly and patiently to feel the full force of such subtle effects as these, F. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but to those who pass by because their eye has not been immediately caught by something quick and bold and obvious - their loss, says I. Beautiful work.

  3. Lovely Fiona, I really like white-on-white. I'm intrigued by your books since we share themes about place and journey... Sara

  4. Thanks everybody for your thoughts - as ever I really appreciate hearing how others see the things I see and do and think.

    Hi Tammie - I have to agree; I really think white on white is special but not everybody gets it!

    Hi TT/G - Thanks again for your support and encouragement with pieces like these. I love the quietness and the need to get close to the books to explore what is going on. You are so right about the fleeting glimpse passing over them so quickly and missing the whole point.

    Hi Sara - places and journeys and home could keep us all occupied for a lifetime I guess. Each part of the exploration is so personal; each interpretation so purely your own, yet usually encompassing enough parts of the story for others to share and identify with. White on white is soooo beautiful I think as well!

  5. ~good morning..your new space here looks wonderful and your tumblr has some amazing photographs...white on pure...white is my favorite color...many dare to say it its not such but to me it is a color...crisp and clean and can be quite elogent with its simplicity! can't wait to see it finished....warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. white on white will be the landscape soon. and little dots where the animals move.

  7. Hi FW - white is so calming and clean; it really is a beautiful colour! I'm like you I don't like to think about it as being simply an absence of other colours - it has its own purpose I think.

    Hi Velma - What a magical picture you draw in those few words. It sat me back and i imagined it - so hushed and quiet. For us in summertime its even harder to envisage.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.