Sunday, November 20, 2011

ALAW almost done

I have completed my letters so that is an achievement in itself in amongst the total madness that has been our life the past while. I have enjoyed folding the paper and now have to think about how to present them.  I assume I'll make a book.

I think I missed a few iterations, but here's the end of it all...

The gorgeous kaleidoscopic jumble of the finished letters - now to create some order from the chaos

Whilst most of the folding worked out using the same sized square paper to start with, clearly the "U" had different ideas. How squat!  I kind of liked it and thought I'd keep it, but in the end, I went for uniformity and re-did it. See beyond a bit.

The re-jigged "U" with a slightly more elegant torso, although the dots were done sans eyeware and will require tidying!

I think I missed showing you these previous ones, in particular the lovely fold on the "Q" - if anybody knows the name of the cross-bar on a Q, I'd love to hear from you. So far I have "qua" and in French "queue", meaning tail. I just wondered if calligraphers or typographers might have a more professional name?


  1. Fiona,great colour and form to these folded letters. I would have thought the Q thing was something like a descender or stroke through descender but if you, the calligrapher are uncertain, I suspect that I am not right. I used to work in a hot metal typography environment and those are the words that came straight to mind.If you find out, do post to satify my - now awakened - curiosity.

  2. irrespectively of names, that Q tail is something else! v. clever all round

  3. Nope, I can't help with naming it either, but that "Q" is soooo cute! And I think the whole idea is so original and clever. Lovely!

  4. Great results - and lovely to see some bright colours xoxoxo

  5. I grew up in Hawaii.. with my Japanese family, folding paper-- origami cranes! love all the dots too!

  6. Dear Fi
    love them - such cleverness ...

  7. Hi Lesley - yes I too keep thinking there must be a special name but maybe there isn't! I shall continue with a bit of detection work as well...

    Thanks Ronnie - I agree; I think its gorgeous

    Thank you Alison - they are certainly bright and cheery and make me smile!

    Hi Amanda - its a fun little letter I think! I've enjoyed playing with these letters - polka dots and all

    Me too Robyn - they make me smile

    Thanks Donna - folding papers is hours of endless fun

    Thanks Noela - yes rainbow brights I can do...

    thank you Ken - they are such fun I think!


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