Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Life is a horizontal fall

Jean Cocteau

To fall. To stumble. To drop. To be weightless. To lose control. To lose contact with the earth.

And to think that life is a horizontal fall. That we are somehow moving along a continuum, from birth to death, some nice little pencil line, and in reality, we are stepping off the edge of a cliff each day - into the unknown.

I like the sense of perpetual movement inherent in this thought; of life being about moving forward, and also that sense of living life like an adventure, not really knowing what will happen next, but stepping into the void each and every day, and discovering what the day holds.

I admire the man for thinking of life like that and for being able to describe it so well - never in my wildest dreams would I have come up with a horizontal fall.

Fortunately for most of us; the fall is not an extensive one, not a sharp drop onto rocks. Most days we fall a little bit and step across the breach that isn't so deep or treacherous and we place our feet upon firm and solid ground once again. But still we don't know before we begin.  Some days we do fall. Big time, into voids and worlds we never knew existed and we find ourselves resident in some very tough places when we touch the earth again.

But hopefully, its mostly horizontal and we pick ourselves up and keep going.


  1. What an intriguing thought. Falling horizontally every day...hmmm... Need to mull that one over a bit more.

    Love the simplicity of the pages!

  2. Imagining a horizontal fall, like a fall down a cliff, there would be a lot of grazes and bruises along the way. Those injuries are relatively superficial tho', and one recovers very quickly. Interesting thought.

  3. Interesting concept Fiona. In my case it's not so much falling as lurching and stumbling from day to day! Gorgeous book pages. So simple yet so elegant.

  4. As one who has been falling into some small holes and ruts in the road.. this post resonated with me.. as I continue to search and try new things with my art and collages.. I had a wonderful trip to Japan to help me along the way.

  5. Jennifer - thank you. It intrigued me as well and I haven't fully capture my thoughts, but I love the concept!

    Hi Jo - yes, good to stumble horizontally rather than vertically me thinks! Less damage done...

    Thanks Lesley - I know that lurching feeling! I like these pages too - simple but interesting, and inspired by the scribbly bark moth again!

    Donna - thanks. We do stumble and fall every now and again don't we? I hope the trip set you on an even keel. Go well.

  6. What an interesting concept, and so true! Thanks for sharing this, F.


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