Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art and about in Perth & Adelaide

We are home. After a whirlwind 6 weeks we are finally sitting quietly on our mountain appreciating the beauty, the quiet and the nurturing of this place we call home.

Barry and I managed a walk most mornings whilst we were away and again enjoyed discovering the art in the public spaces of the places we visited. We don't often get the chance to visit galleries and museums when we are away for work as we are...working through the day. So we get a lovely feel for things as we wander the streets instead.

Some visual highlights from Perth included this fragment of a wall piece in the foyer of the building where we were working by Brian McKay. I loved the soft colours, the strong geometric designs, the scratched into surface and the forms and letters. The foyer of this building (which had about 26 floors) was also hosting a photographic competition, sponsored by the building owner, for all the people who work in the building. It had several different categories and was a great show - but also created a real sense of community within a normally business-like environment.

This is another fragment, this time a stainless steel cut-out over rusted corten steel of the top left hand corner of Western Australia by Tony Jones. I loved this look and it gave me lots of ideas.

This was part of an art piece celebrating the life of Sir Charles Court, a former Premier of WA who established a lot of ventures and centres during his term in office. I love corten steel (rusted) and I love letters, so it was nice to see words cut into the steel, by Tony Jones again.

This is one of a series of about 8 bronze and copper sculptures we found one morning when we were hunting for a place to sit and have a cup of coffee. We sat in this park (fake grass, between several buildings) and were thrilled to see these lovely pieces by Andrew Kay (2006).

I didn't take my phone with me both mornings in Adelaide so I only collected a few images, but I did enjoy this one of a stack of books, at the feet of Dame Roma Mitchell along North Terrace.

And it was the lead up to Remembrance Day and I was touched, as ever, by this display of poppies and crosses, row on row...

Hopefully I'll be back making and doing art for myself soon and can share some of that as well. Apologies to all folk who I normally 'visit' but who have been neglected as we travelled here and there.


  1. fiona, we all have to make a living--the words on rust are lovely things.

  2. fe fi fo fum - I smell some books bronzey ones!)

    thanks for sharing all the statuary

  3. What lovely visual treasures to discover on your travels! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  4. Thanks Velma - you're right work-work enables us to follow our heart along other paths.

    Hi Ronnie - it's always nice to wander and be inspired - the book stack was great!

    Thanks Jo - it's aways nice to share and see art across the world isn't it? And when I can't be making my own, I'm happy to share the beautiful bits we come across.


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