Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paper fiddling

Whilst I have not been a totally successful participant in an arty gesture a day this month, I have found that the idea has helped me think of being arty when I might not otherwise have been so.  That might not make make a lot of sense, but I did enjoy having a few paper folding things on the go as I cooked dinner last night.

In between checking on pots and pans, I would pop over to the dining table and fold a few bits.

I made lots of hearts out of old book pages - and am thinking they might become Christmas decorations for our minimalist tree perhaps...

I also made quite a few wee envelopes for cards out of the same pages.  The flower fold ones didn't quite meet in the middle, which would have been problematic for posting (rain might get inside I thought) so I used the strip from down the side of the page to create a band - which also acts as the place to write the address. A simple and elegant solution I thought!


  1. them's some nice hearts!

    (I don't think I will look at origami hearts the same way after folding thousands of the little blighters with school kiddies at Byron Bay Writers Festival...... it felt like I folded BILLIONS of them....and then after the festival had wound up - and I had long left for home, the site crew did what I wanted to but because of OHS couldn't - they set the little basket of book hearts alight and sent me pics...... here: http://i-feel-the-passion.blogspot.com/2011/08/playing-with-fire.html...... now THERE'S a gesture for you!)

  2. F- good to know that we will be saving on the Christmas decorations this year. Love the cream theme. B

  3. These are wonderful Fiona! I love the envelopes, too. Can't wait to see your Christmas tree with this minimal arty decor...

  4. Now I have to go and find out how to make an origami heart! They look great made from book pages. The idea of using them for Christmas decorations is a gem, either left unadorned or embellished in some way.

  5. now THAT'S my kind of cooking! they look great.

  6. ronnie- glad to know SOMEBODy got to burn 'em!

    Thanks B - yes the christmas colour scheme is coming together - laugh!

    Thanks Anna - simple but sweet I reckon...

    Lesley - they are very easy and even easier to remember - you can just do them one after another without needing to be reminded. They start with a triangle so you get twice as much value from the usual square too!

    Thanks Velma - yeah, cooking plus paper play!

  7. Love the idea of a minimalist Xmas tree. Sometimes we get alittle carried away with the bling.

  8. Ah Yes Jo - I love a bit of minimalism...


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