Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Stories you read when you’re the right age never quite leave you. You may forget who wrote them or what the story was called. Sometimes you’ll forget precisely what happened, but if a story touches you it will stay with you, haunting the places in your mind that you rarely ever visit.

Neil Gaiman

I was thinking to myself - that name's familiar - but only in that "I think I might have heard of it before" way; not "that's someone I know but I can't place them" kind of way.  When I checked him out online I worked out that he is a comic writer and I have on occasions been asked to search out his works on behalf of my niece - if we are o/s and can get access to them before they are released here in Oz.

Phew, glad I got that sorted.

Anyhow, I like what he writes about those books that touch us and reach us when we are young and so open to all that is in the world. So open to the worlds that are in books. So open to learning about different ways of being, to having our imaginations fired up; to seeing who we are and how we are played out in a story; or to see the person we could be, or aspire to be take the role of a character. And how we remember those things and they stay with us. I read loads of the Famous Five books and always loved "George" the best - a rough and tumble tom-boy of a girl with no fancy pants stuff - that was me.

Its funny, I thought he was talking about childhood reading because he mentions age and that's where my head took me - but as I go back into I think No; its the right book at ANY age that matters. And I really like how he says that the story touches you and stays with you, even if you can't fully recall the detail or who the author was. You recall how it made you feel. That's me and books in a sentence.

And just to finish with a smile, I've mentioned my brothers and I are trawling thru photos at the moment - I've titled this one "She always did like books". Me as a tot reading in my pyjamas.


  1. Fiona, look at your face in the photo. That book is giving you such joy. Sounds like things have never changed!

  2. Oh Fiona, what a dear little girl!Great to see these glimpses into your childhood. Yes i also loved George because I was a tomboy too. I can remember loving Winnie the Pooh and later Rikki Tikki Tavi but the headmistress who read to Class i's on a Friday used to put so much into these sessions that i can still hear very clearly how she used to chuckle with us at Pooh's antics. She had a smokers laugh and sometimes broke into coughing if she laughed too much. Thanks for stirring up the memories.

  3. Lovely post Fiona, and what a sweeeeet photo!! Awww just look at you! Gorgeous. When was it taken? Books sure are wonderful and I can remember many that touched me - mostly a book on the solar system and anything by Roald Dahl!

  4. Cute, cute, cute!! My fondest memories with my twins when they were quite young are all the many story times and the way those stories and characters became enmeshed in our daily lives. Such joy!

    I greatly appreciate these Thursday Thoughts and your other ponderings...

  5. Cute photo! It's funny that I've stopped thinking of Gaiman as a comic writer! I've loved his books for so long that when I think of him I think of "Neverwhere", "Mirror Mask" and "Good Omens" not "Sandman". lol, I couldn't even finish his 'children's book "Coraline" it was just too scary! Awesome author and great quote!

  6. Loved this. I've been having a love affair with books for my entire life and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

  7. you are traveling through that book with so much enthusiasm! you are so right about how the stories become embedded. that's me, too.

  8. You really immerse yourself in books... then and now. Lovely post Fiona... and you were soooo cute.

    From Jo Murray, posted by Fiona who deleted the original on her phone!

  9. Hi Lesley - I think you're right, its clear I was totally into books even then! Good that that sense of joy could be captured.

    Thanks Robyn; I loved the story of the smoky laugh and cough. Books and reading can really bring memories together. It's good to meet other "George' followers - brave and bold; I loved her.

    Hi Louise - thanks for the compliment! I think that one would be circa 1967-8. It nice to stop and recall those books that moved us or had a big impact as a child.

    Thanks so much Helen. I think storytime with children is such a gift and the way they get woven into daily stories and happenings is great. I'm so pleased you enjoy the thoughts and ponderings. Go well.

    Hi Lee - It was the comic avenue I found him thru, but yes I can see now how much other stuff he writes as well!. I can imagine the children's story was a bit scary....

    Ah Teri - they are the best companions aren't they? Always steadfast, always teaching us, comforting us, making us laugh...thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Velma - it's so true isn't it. I am stuck with how they make me feel, the details I can sometimes leave behind...And oh yes, I was completely into that book by the looks!

    Thank you Jo - sorry for my trigger finger on the phone. Lucky the comment was still on the computer when I got home! So true - immersion is exactly what happens to me...

  10. Great photo of you, F! I think you are still that child in so many (good) ways. Gaiman is a longtime favorite of mine too, but not for the graphic novels/comics, as mentioned above in another comment. Worth checking out!

  11. How adorable are you in your pj's Fiona.

  12. Thanks G - finally getting back to the blog commenting bit of my life! Yes I've figured out he is so much more...might try him out if I get the chance!

    Thanks Kim - I think most little ones are pretty cute! Especially in pjs


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