Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An art gesture begins

I was reading Ronnie's little challenge to herself over the month of November - to do/make something arty every day. Nothing big or dramatic or impressive, but just spend some time doing something artistic or creative. I loved the idea of a gesture - the perfect word to describe it.

So I thought I might try to keep her company in a small and probably slightly random and chaotic way... I am not sure how I'll fare given our travelling schedule over the next wee while, but I think its nice to have the daily mind set that I WILL do something creative today!

I probably (let's be honest - definitely) won't get to blog every day, but I will try to record and share my forays and whatever they produce.

I had some recent inspiration to kickstart me. I was reading Carol's blog and was really taken by Carol's iPhonography with a couple of apps, and went and bought them both (0.99 cents each). Barry has also been playing with iPhonography since we went to the NT earlier this year and has achieved some amazing effects as well.  Carol's kaleidoscope one really impressed me, so I started to play with an image of my old torn and tattered books and here are some of the results...

The old book image is on the bottom left. The way it worked was that the app started doing all of these kaleidoscope movements - it just morphed from this to that and then to that and you had the option to take a screen shot, which I did every now and again.

I am not sure what the print clarity would be like - but they seem to me that they could make lovely card images or swing tags or gift tags, and also some interesting bits for collaging or even writing on.



  1. the camera apps for iPhone [or as i prefer to call it, the Batfone] are splendid fun. who would have thought, twenty years ago, that we'd be carrying a pinhole camera around in our pockets, not needing film
    with so many amusing options...back this, this kind of thing only happened in James Bond movies
    thanks for bringing my attention to an app i hadn't spotted yet

  2. wonderful results, Fiona! the colour, texture, "feel" remind me of ancient textiles...
    My next stop: the App store!

  3. I haven't found that 99 cents yet - but that K'scope app makes things sooo purty

    ps - I don't know if I'LL get to post each day either.... but i WILL try to 'do' something (very small and throwaway) every day...)

  4. Amazing . . the original and the kalaidoscope effects!
    I love symmetrical patterns such as this . . with interesting surfaces.

  5. The iphone has passed me by Fiona as any phone coverage where I live is useless, so I don't really know what I'm missing but it looks like I'd love it. Going over to read about the challenge to be creative every day in November. Could set myself a mini version of the same perhaps, anything to get the creative juices going.

  6. Fiona, these are extremely cool, I might have to get an iphone!

  7. Hi India - it's great so share the things we discover...and I love the batphone descriptor - it is all a bit sci-fi at times!

    Anna - they are quite lovely Ihtink; hope you have fun at the store!

    Hi Ronnie - its a little bit addictive initially. I am loosely interpreting artistic I must say - nice lettering on an envelope? PS I think I found it for free last night.

    Jann - the app creates beautiful symmetrical images and patterns - and it was a lovely photo to start with.

    Ah Lesley - sometimes that could be a gift; altho I think I would be sad not to have one in my life which is weird. I am trying to just do a little something each day to remind myself of art.

    Jane - it was great fun to discover this app - I shared with a couple of teenage girls last night and they were bewitched. I often say 'You're never alone with an iphone" - you can always distract yourself with some weird and wacky thing.

  8. Bravo Fiona. Your new 'toy' has produced images that, despite their altered 'app'earance (pardon the pun)have your stamp to them. Subtle and beautiful.

  9. Hi Jo - its funny isn't it how even with the technology at play, I end up with the same "fiona" look?


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