Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few artistic gestures

Here are a couple of the little things I tried to do last week - trying to so something arty every day.

Barry has begun developing and designing prototypes for a new range of jewellery for men - see here. He is having fun and I think the pieces will work well.

I have turned my head to some of the packaging possibilities - nothing too fancy; nothing too flowery kind of thing, so I fiddled around with a packaging prototype where the pendant sits within its own cardboard package with an opening highlighting the piece.

I think it might work...

We were invited to dinner at a friends' house and had a delightful time with her and her two daughters. We sent a little thank you note before we hopped on our next plane, and here is the envelope.

A little bit of personalised envelope art is always a bit of fun I think.

I have a good friend who asked if I could do a calligraphic piece for her and it is her birthday this week so I offered up a birthday gift certificate with the promise to make the piece for her after we have had some chats about colour, style, size etc.

Having Ronnie's little challenge in the back of my mind has meant that instead of just typing and printing something I have gone for the hand-written which is nice.  A little encouragement and then you realise it's not too tricky to spend the time being creative in small everyday ways...


  1. you're absolutely right fiona and when you say its not too tricky to spend time being creative in small everyday ways.... hta's been the main discovery of my little trek (ps - thanks for the little gesture in the mail :~))

  2. The lost art of actually writing letters. I used to love getting letters in the mail, decorated all incredible like this one that you have done but it seems that not many people do it anymore at all. And I love the enclosure for the pendant. Very nice!

  3. Hi ronnie - it's nice to discover or re-discover it isn't it? Sometimes we get caught up in the B-I-G art stuff we lose sight of the wonder and happiness in just art-stuff.

    Hi Teri - I love getting mail and beautiful envelopes as well - in fact I got one from Ronnie today! Thanks too about the pendant enclosure - I think it will work if I make it out of stronger card. Fingers crossed.


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