Sunday, January 5, 2014

My 2013 favourites...

My time for reflecting on the year past and thinking about the year ahead is a bit skew-iff this year because we were away, and are still re-settling ourselves, but I did stop for a moment to consider the pieces I made last year that I feel good about.

I like this little moment, looking back over the year's work and discovering the pieces that spoke to me most, sang to me or of which I felt proudest.

It's like taking a lovely walk or wander with a friend, re-acquainting myself with some pieces that have been away, sold, or stayed.  It's a nice little reminder that despite all the busy-ness of the past year, that I did get to make some stuff.

As per tradition (well I figure 2012 and 2011 and  2009 a tradition do make) they are not numbered in any way, simply listed alphabetically.

1. Dance Lightly a simple feather print over hand written words. It looked beautiful and lots of people bought it. Part of my re-discovery of printmaking and the joy and wonder of it as well.

2. Imagine Peace another print, prepared for Lesley's wee print exchange. I love how you have to work to find peace in the work; and yet the piece is beautiful, like peace.

3. My Secret Story yet another print! This was my first real success with copper sulphate etching on aluminium plate; and it also let me express my sense of asemic writing…

4.  Old Posts hold stories a precious piece for a COMA exhibition, worn wood and white books.

5.  Peace Mends the World hand-stitched copper remnants, encased in perspex pages.

6.  Queensland Literary Awards a collaboration with Barry and wonderful opportunity. Beaten metal covers, embossed pages with hand written calligraphy, encased in perspex again.

7. Quiet, Stillness, Silence a long thin elegant book, soft and gentle.

8. Serendipity one of Susan and my collaborative books for the year; an unbound book with a multiplicity of expressions.

9. Starry Starry Night another collaborative book...

10. Ways of Peace every page hand-designed and cut, gentle messages of peace.

Thanks again for wandering down memory lane with me...


  1. A lovely set of work, I look forward to seeing more in 2014.

  2. Reading this post has been like walking through an art gallery. They are all beautiful and inspiring works and I still cannot pick a favourite.

  3. So beautiful, Fiona! Lovely to see them again and have the opportunity to be inspired. From first to last, you have made a breathtaking collection of work.

  4. a lovely showcase of works Fiona, and a productive 2013 - hoping the year ahead in 2014 offers you more creative opportunities. K x

  5. How pleased you must feel with your year's work Fiona - beautiful - all the best in 2014

  6. What a lovely distillation of the year. You had so many highlights I'm amazed you could narrow it down to these beautiful examples. Dance Lightly is such a lovely print and I've enjoyed being reminded of its quiet beauty. Happy New Year to you both. Onwards and upwards for 2014.

  7. ~reflecting upon a year of unique and beautiful pieces you created...sparking emotion and elation and yes definite moments you should be proud I scrolled through I kept saying to myself...oh this one I love...and yet another came forth...but I do have to I hit number 7...a piece I missed this exquisite...quiet stillness silence could not be more fitting for such...the contrast between the strength of metal yet the delicateness of your script running across...just love my dear friend...I very much look forward to seeing where your mind and art will wander this year....much love light and blessings~


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