Sunday, February 16, 2020


These are busy days and it seems like I begin a task, only to make it just so far, and no further.  For now. I do know that time will open up again soon.

I have been wanting to make a few more grief cards - and I thought of some words the other day that seemed to express something of that time, for those of us with friends and folk we love and care about who are bereaved.

So I sat down at a corner of a cluttered desk and pulled out some type.  I had originally wanted to use larger wood type but realised it wasn't going to fit one of the standard card sizes I use. so I went smaller.

In keeping with my other grief cards, it's all lower case, no capitals. Somehow I find lower case gentler.

Here we go - sometime. It is looking pretty tight, but does make it the width of the card, with a breath to spare either side.

 But then I realised its really sometimes I want to say, so I tried to squeeze it in.

And I'd say it just fits. Of course registration and alignment could get tricky, but for now, we're in!

The next set of words, I wanted to use a lower case lead type, and I tried to fully justify it.

You can see what happens when I spontaneously just want to test out some type and don't take the, I don't know, let's say, 45 seconds, it would take to grab a tray and a chase some quoins to lock it up?
Sigh, I do sometimes regret my own impetuosity.

I then wondered if it would look better if the words ran down centred and vertically. I got my answer - I don't think so!

This is how it is precariously sitting on my desk right now - I added in the word just  which I think adds the emphasis I want, but I'm still not sure. I am yet to even proof it with carbon paper because that would require me to tidy it up and lock it up!

So the words are still evolving and so of course shall the card.  I usually illustrate each one, but I haven't had a brilliant lightbulb moment about what could support the words yet, so we shall wait and see.

Stolen moments, edging closer. Any thoughts or suggestions seriously welcomed!


  1. sometimes the only way I can find solace is making one small stitch and then the next one...

    1. I understand Mo, getting your mind to simply focus on one stitch, then can be a meditation to block out the rest of the world. Go well, go gently.

  2. Beautiful F. More powerful without 'just maybe your sentiments are wonderful. Xx

    1. Thanks T, it's tricky trying to get it just right! I'll take 'just' out again and have another think - might proof it first to compare tho! Go well.


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