Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

“Her life – that was the only chance she had – the short season between two silences.” 

 Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out 

The document in which I collect my possible quotes for Thursday Thoughts runs to well over 100 pages now.  I change the colour of the quote once I have used it so I don't repeat myself (unless of course I have accidentally included he same quote twice, but so far I don't think I have).

So the process of selection is simply one of scrolling through until I find a black set of words that apply to the day's theme of art, life or books.  Sometimes I start at the beginning of the document;  other times I whizz to a mid point then start there; sometimes I do it in reverse and see what appears.

To date, I have no knowledge or understanding of what a certain quote draws me in, and so it is with this one.

I love Virginia Woolf: her search for independence and meaning; her economic language and its succinctness; the areas of life she explores...

We are surrounded by mist once more today and perhaps that evoked the sense that this one felt like a cry that is absorbed by the muffled mist, a cry for her own life to be lived, for her to have the chance to simply be her in all of her individuality and uniqueness.

I also think the description of a life as a short season is so poetic; and then to place that season within two silences is so utterly poignant.

For me it somehow makes it even more important to find ways to live your life and not simply have it pass you by; silence came before and silence shall follow.


  1. "hello darkness my old friend" is playing in my head

    and this came to me in pondering your words: each day begins and ends in silence

    your posts are always so evocative and/or provocative (in the best way) ... I love knowing how it is you have such a deep well of thoughts

    1. Thank you Liz, I really do enjoy my weekly ponder and am grateful to have Th Th in my routine! The document is quite the well of quotes now and takes a wee while to scroll thru. Our days and lives are both book-ended by silence, so interesting....


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