Tuesday, July 28, 2020

OPEN finally, and beauty

Over the weekend the ink dried on the covers for my poem Open and I was able to work out the edition as well as put the Press' chop on both the poem and the cover.  Nice finishing off work.

Here is the finished product, photographed in dappled light in the studio.

Dappled - such a lovely word...

The covers of the first five.

The cover of Number 1.

Cover opened.

Poem turned, inside back cover.

The bits together.

I ended up with an Edition of 20 - which I find rather remarkable.

For the trials and tribulations of this piece see here; and for the options I played with for the cover, see here.

And as I went to exercises early yesterday morning - sombre beauty dawning.


  1. Beautiful poem. Lovely photo.

    1. Thanks Penny -I am really happy with how I persisted, and how it worked out. And yes, that sky was darkly beautiful...


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