Sunday, July 12, 2020

Works in progress

I seem to have gotten a bit of a zing along on a number of fronts.  I hardly have time to jot down the next idea or things that needs doing before I have to remind myself of another one, and capture the thoughts for yet another.

Which is kind of nice.

I am pushing a few things forward at a time; and in between, occasionally completing something as well!

This work is underway... using a beautiful composing stick that Adele Outteridge (from West End Studio) had found and popped in the post to us.  We don't have the before shot; but Barry did a great job of cleaning it and making it shine and making it slide again.  It is a delight to work with and we are thrilled Adele thought of us and generously sent it along.

Now this is something that is not yet fully formed.  Even in my head. I have the sense that this exploration is going to get a long way down the track before I know if it will work.  There is something about layers, about revealing, about fragments.

The very fine overlay you can see is Tengucho paper and it is 4gsm - the lightest I have ever worked with. It's like feathers, but lighter.

Layering and layering.

Who knows?

And now trying to finish another piece by getting the title done.  Playing around with old wood type options. Still no decision made, but I am enjoying raiding our stash and seeing if this goes with that.

And finally something done. Simple, but fun - for anybody you know who is Outstanding!


  1. love the delicacy of the 4gsm & the layering!

    1. It is AMAZING Mo! I have had it for years and never knew what to do with it, but have just dived on in! Delightful.


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