Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Peace and old words

 As you know International Day of Peace is 21 September, which means it is rolling around soon!  Given we now have a platform that makes selling easy, I thought I would get a couple of sets of peace pebbles up there for folk if they wanted their own little messages of peace around the place.

This photo of the pebble grid before writing just melted my heart. So calm. So serene. So gentle.

And then I wrote on them (a couple had to be replaced due to over enthusiastic ink-filling of my nib).

And as ever, I just love their simplicity.

You can find them here if you feel like you'd like a set for yourself or to share.

And then some lovely other shop news - one of my Library of Lost Words has been purchased and will be winging its way to its new owner soon.

Which meant I had to photograph the only other one left and here it is in all its old and rusty glory.

I love this word 'jobler'!

And 'stiricide' means icicles falling from a a roof! Or at least it did in 1656.

The original stories can be found here and here.

This actual Library can be found here.

I do love these wee works - and thank you to the reader who bought the most recent one. Another reader has bought one previously as well! We must like words and stuff.


  1. F - just love those little libraries of lost words - love the way you have aged the paper and the wee rusty tins to hold them in - rusty tins for treasured old words. Jobler is a grand word. And there can't be too many sets of peace pebbles in the world. B

    1. Thanks B - these libraries have always had a special place in my heart. And yes to peace pebbles everywhere!!!

  2. your pebbles surely create ripples of peace ...

    1. A lovely connection Liz...ripples of peace, pebbles in a pond...go well.

  3. love how Peace pours out of your hands

    1. It feels like we need a constant drip-feed of peace and beauty Mo!


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