Sunday, September 19, 2021

Workshop Time!

 Here I am on Sunday afternoon; having taught for two days, teaching two different workshops, but life has me catching up on last weekend's workshop!  Because of all things Covid; both sets of workshops have been postponed and they ended up one weekend after the other.  

So Buderim calligraphers - hopefully your workshops will get a run next weekend! Then I will be all caught up.

But back to last weekend with Calligraphers of South East Queensland.  Their focus for the year has been - tools we don't usually use; and I had suggested I could teach a workshop on pipettes/syringes; or one on on letter cutting, figuring knives were not really nibs.

With masks on all day, we all did really well.

We began getting familiar with cutting using a template that I had printed from the computer and a printer with lightweight paper.  Its always good to learn how your knife works and how it interacts with different papers; how much pressure you need to apply and the like.

I can't recall everybody's connection to the work shown; and I didn't get time to photograph everything, so this is really a snap shot. If you want to see a heap of pictures from the day, head to the FB post of CSEQ 

Maria lining things up.

Mike is underway.
Midway through the workshop my desk looked like this.

One of the show and tell moments - cut letters from a long time ago (2004). I love scattering them...

One of our next trials - cutting letters to connect to bars and the sides a circle. Barb.

Jennie - using the cross bars to connect tall thin letters. Some lovely crossovers here!

Donnie - using crossbars and letters to connect to an outside frame.

Susan - elegant curves and lovely letters connecting to the outside frame.

Christine stacked her letters, joined them with horizontal lines and mixed in upper case and lower case letters.

This work has a companion piece Dusk - I like that this has no frame. It just is. Helen.

Wendy's template for what will be a beautiful and intricate piece.

Apologies to those whose work I didn't capture - Jane and Kay I think. Their work can be seen on the FB page however.

Everybody learnt about their different knives and how they work; blades got changed as the cutting dulled them; and everybody experienced how different papers behave - some cut well; and others don't.

Once again, with thanks to CSEQ for inviting me and for being flexible around timing and for masking up and keeping our distance!

Until next time.


  1. what I wouldn't have given to be at this workshop ... the South East Queensland calligraphers are a lucky lot ... and for whatever reason, your link to CSEQ didn't work for me, but I was able to find their 78 photos easily enough on Facebook (thanks to whoever did the photos!)

    gotta say I especially liked the Arts & Crafts vibe of BEGIN, the open-endedness of DAWN and the poignancy of FREEDOM

    1. They were great Liz and got such terrific results! There are a few tricks to keeping your letters together, and everybody did!

  2. love seeing this gathering of variations en pointe!

    1. One of my favourite things about teaching is seeing where other people's minds take your instructions and ideas - so good to see such individuality and creativity!

  3. F - love the scattering of the black cut out letters. Huge task over last couple of weekends. B

    1. LOVE those scattered letters B - from 2004 in Tassie!


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