Sunday, October 17, 2021

A week away and more women friends

 It's only a week until we open the showing "The Red Thread". Have to say I'm little bit excited by the prospect and really looking forward to showing our work together; and to sharing it with folk.

I am well into my home straight I think - always a few loose ends to tie off - ha! 

Late Friday afternoon Barry and I ended up in the same place for long enough to fiddle with finalising the winding mechanisms on two of my tiny artists' books.

Barry had drilled a couple of holes in the sides of my tins, and also into a brass rod for me stitch into to attach a fabric scroll.

This is a tiny tin, and it was very fiddly with the shortest and finest of needles I could find.


The scroll unfurls, following pathways of friendships...

The fabric I used is from my friend Liz Ackert.  She sent this piece though a while back; and its time and place is now.  I stitched some of the fabric together with a soft thread that I had dyed using the leftover beetroot juice from another friend who had been pickling her bumper crop and couldn't bear to waste that vivid colour. Women Friends.

There is a second, companion piece as well. This will unfurl another time...


  1. oh, I recognized it right away ... I am so so honoured to be a part of this ... the cloth was from a vintage linen napkin dyed with Prairie Tea (Croton), a Texas Hill Country wildflower ... my heart sings

    1. So glad you did and hope all is OK that I chopped it up a bit! We have a croton here in our new garden too - I so love the connections...

  2. (((Fiona & Barry))) what a little beauty, look forward to seeing the show albeit virtually!

    1. We will do our best to show it from afar Mo! Good team work again. The scrolls take a bit to wind/pull out - but wind up a treat! Go well.


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