Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday Thoughts...

"I can become obsessed with every mark and brushstroke on the canvas. As if every mark is a note of music and they all have to come together to be coherent, like a symphonic composition – and then it will sing the song I want to sing" 

Suzy Murphy

I am no painter but this quote feels as if it expresses everything I am trying to achieve each and every time I make a piece.

It expresses so beautifully the sense of harmony and coherence I am seeking. Every step I take in the making is considered, weighed up, tested. Each time I look at a piece as it is evolving I stop and check if it is looking as best it can; if it is suggesting the things I want it to say; if it is sharing the story I am trying to tell; is it making you feel the way I hope it will.

I simply love the idea of a piece of work being a symphonic composition, singing the song I want to sing.


  1. I'm often so caught up in the Thursday Thoughts quote and your musings that I neglect to fully consider the image with which you illustrate the post ... today's image truly caught and held my eye, causing me to think further about sound waves and light waves ... and from there, invisible ripples of thought

    1. I love this image and can understand how it went for a meander with you - the waves; and the connecting and linking... the musicality of it too. Go well.


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