Thursday, August 4, 2022

Thursday Thoughts...

"This common project – to improve matters – is available to all of us, at every moment, and in a multitude of ways, and exists in the smallest kindness, the most rudimentary act of tolerance, or in the simplest generosity". 

Nick Cave.

I have mentioned Nick Cave before and reading his Red Letter Files is a must for me in each and every week.  Little moments.  This quote comes from a recent one and I like how he makes the notion of improving matters, a common project. Something we are each involved in doing, trying and participating in. As if it is the point in our universal venn diagram where we all overlap...

As he scales things down - to small kindnesses and generosities, and scales things up to all of us, at every moment and in so many ways, we are all invited in to take part. 

Int somehow make it seem possible to take steps to improve things just by doing small things.

I am often confounded by the apparent immense scale of sadness, despair, fear, anguish, and disaster that can exist outside in the world. I take time to withdraw and find ways to hold it, and then make small steps back out to help by doing the small things.

This quote makes me feel like we really are all in this together, each of us doing small things. Small acts of kindness and generosity are ours to share.


  1. "to improve matters" ... something do-able ... thank you for that

    1. Makes it so much more manageable than world peace for instance! Go well.


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