Sunday, December 10, 2023

A weekend of jewellery and joy

 We have just had a wonderful Saturday with a studio sale of Barry's new range of jewellery. The studio sale was for just one day, and we delighted in the visits from so many friends and supporters.

So many popped in and bought pieces we were truly truly taken aback. We loved chatting with as many folks we could, and it is always a joy to catch up with people we don't see that often.

And very special to be supported by those we know well. So huge thanks to all who visited and shared in the warmth of these works.

Barry made new work with pebbles from the cove in Scotland, and with pearl shell he had been gifted from Broome. Another new addition was the use of gold-plated silver nickel from vessels he had been given; and he also made use of some slate from the roof at the cottage in Scotland. He brought new life to sterling silver bracelets as earrings as well.

All in all, the works were warm and had lovely soft and supportive energy about them.

Here's how the showing looked, including a gift of beautiful agapanthus flowers.

And some of the older jewellery got a refreshing new display look as well!

We had a super successful day, some pre-sales, some more sales today, and are absolutely thrilled.  If anybody is interested, I have done a couple of short videos that walk you through what was left this morning, which are here and here.  After I shot the videos a couple more pebble pendants sold, so only these three remain:

We live in a generous community and we have many kind, caring and generous friends - and we are grateful for them all.

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