Friday, August 19, 2011

Creative Spaces - Open Studios II

Here we are, the night before the Open Studios and we are rip-roaring and ready to go!

I really like that this is as much about showing people what we do, inviting them to enter our working and creating spaces and to share the experience of art in the making, as it is about selling work.

We are not sure if we will have hordes of folk descending upon us, or a trickle of interested souls who want to chat and talk about what it is we do, how we do it, why we do it...

I think we sometimes forget in amongst our madness and busy-ness and angst that other folk find the idea of an artist, and their studio exhilarating and exciting. That magic happens in there, and that somehow they might be privy to watching the process unfold.

I know I love looking at other artists' spaces; how they work, the little talismen they have around them to inspire them and keep them going; the tools they need, the mess they make.

Its  a privilege to share this time with the people who drop by, and we look forward to sharing our space with them.

Having said all that, we are also conscious of the fact that people often like to take home a little something; a touchstone or link to the visit and so have made a few pieces that folk can purchase without emptying their wallets. The wallet-emptying pieces will also be there should anybody feel moved to do so!

Here are some cards we had printed locally, using some of our own images of a few pieces.

And here are some of Barry's wee "Inspiration in your pocket" pieces - shiny bits of recycled metal with inspirational words stamped on them. In fact they are so shiny they pick up my skin reflecting like its sunburnt!

And my pebble letters - hand written on each pebble is a letter, and you can choose to write a word or just carry your initial with you...there are a couple of bowls full to play with.


  1. Fiona, It's all SO wonderful!! I'm envious of the 'folk' who will get to be with you and Barry in your creative space-I know it will be a great experience! I love the cards, stamped metal pieces and the alphabet stones--very cool!

  2. All the best for your Open Studio tomorrow, Fiona. I do love your cards and small pieces. Hoping many people are moved by those wallet-emptying pieces!

  3. as i said to barry, i wish i could come by. your talismans (talismen?!) are lovely, the pebbles, the shiny words.

  4. One of these days I am going to get myself up there for a visit.

  5. Hi Jane - thanks so much; we are tired, but buzzy-tired - it was lots of fun!

    Thanks Robyn - we had a great day' about 60 people dropped by and chatted...and bought!

    Hi Ronnie - thanks for your wishes; we did indeed have a fun time; tiring, but fun!

    V - I wondered if they should have been talis-folk or persons but went with the age old male thing. They are lovely little bits and people chose them for all sorts of reasons, and loved carrying the messages home with them. You would have enjoyed dropping by I am sure!

    Hi Trace - it would be great! We do manage fun time with lots of arty folks...

    Gloria - thanks for stopping by and commenting; I'm glad you liked the little bits and pieces, lots of folk who came by did as well. Thanks for your good wishes too, go well.

  6. Fiona,
    If your open sutudio was within travelling distance I would be there! Hope it all goes well. I'd be tempted by all those treats you've shown us and I know your visitors will be too.

  7. Wonderful to bring home a memory of my visit Fiona. I had Barry's leaf and the words 'Breathe Art Now' to inspire me all day... and it worked!
    Hope it is all a raging success.

  8. I'm late to the party, but I'm glad you had a successful opening night. I love the images you have shared here.


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