Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spring is calling...

I heard Spring whisper it was on its way this week...

I popped my head around the corner and found this poppy had bloomed and was letting me know with all its colour and style that winter is on the wane.

Here it is getting closer, whispering louder and then gleefully announcing - Spring will soon be with us!


  1. Gorgeous shots! I'm always interested to hear such things - that you're talking about Spring calling just as we're beginning to feel a hint of Autumn in the air. It feels reassuring when we see signs of the climate changing drastically.

  2. I couldn't help but notice swelling buds on our manchurian pears and blossoms on our ornamental prunus had appeared while I was away up north..... spring is definitely on the way - yay!

  3. Hi Annie - it's one of those weird wonders for me - as you guys begin to experience the chill of an autumn morning we are peeling off layers and basking a bit more...it's good to know that the world is still turning...

    Hi Ronnie - fabuloso hey!?! I love those moments of promise with the trees, buds and flowers

  4. Nice series of photos, perfect for the mood. I can feel the change in the air.

  5. when ever I read blog posts about Australians and the seasons I always have to do a double take and reverse everything... because your spring will mean our autumn.. and we are still hoping for a late summer-- so far we are waiting to get above 70 degrees F. lovely poppy and a true sign of spring for you.

  6. Oh I *love* poppies!

    Pretty chilly here today...brrrr!


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