Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

If you were to put aside what you know because of what other people told you, how much of what you know do you truly know for yourself?
John Tarrant

I actually found this idea, these words quite challenging. My life so far has been all about learning, reading, listening, absorbing, challenging and questioning information and knowledge that others hold or have published or spoken.

So what do I really know for myself?

I often say to folk - let me make my own mistakes, then I'll know for sure or understand.  I seem to be one of those real concrete learneres - for whom the experience of making or doing or seeing or feeling is what makes something real and makes that something stick in my brain.

I have learnt a lot from others, but have gone on to do things myself by which I can happily say - I know this. So after an initial concern that I knew nothing that I hadn't been told by someone else; I have spent time thinking about all the things I do know for sure, the truths I can attest to and the knowledge that is mine, pure and simple.

Its been a fun exploration, and in the end quite re-inforcing. Sure, I don't really know how electricity works for myself, but I know lots of things that are important and help me live my life better - not just make my life better.

©2008 Fiona Dempster, Library books at Cashel, Ireland


  1. HI Fiona,
    Lovely thoughts as always and what a great photo!

  2. I, too, learn by doing. I think they call that kinesthetic. Tell me something and I will probably have to ask twice but show me and let me DO it myself and I've probably got it all figured out. I heard once that to try something and fail it better than not having tried at all.

  3. F, I love the distinction you draw between things that make your life better versus things that make you LIVE your life better! Great post, much tasty food for pondering!

  4. F- You could have knocked me down with a feather regarding this revelation - lol. B

  5. I bet as a kid you said "I wanna do it!"

  6. Hi Jane - thanks, and yes they were amazing books...

    Teri - snap! I learn so much better by doing (and failing sometimes too!). It's good to recognise how we learn and build it into our life...

    G/TT - thanks as ever. As I thought about it, I realised the things that help me live my life better are the many truths I can own for my own...have fun pondering - he's a Zen buddhist scholar, interesting guy.

    Louise - Oh, I agree totally! It almost hurt to see them bound like that, we wanted to liberate them as well!

    B - yeah yeah, I know - Let me make my own mistakes; you have to live with the outcomes so often, but thanks for hanging in there!

    Leslie - pretty much, if I recall I think it was: "I CAN DO IT (by myself)" so you were on cue!

  7. wonderful image--and i am wondering if by the time we're really really old (if we get there) will we know nothing at all? we know so much what we don't know that THAT gets in the way so much. or at least that's how it seems to me today!


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