Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creative Spaces - Open Studios

Preparations are well and truly underway for the Open Studios. Books are made and stitched, pieces are presented and priced and the shed studio has been given the once over and is looking stunning - you can even see the mountains through the windows now!

Here are some shots of the space getting sorted - it has been a bit of a mad time... these are in between shots (not quite before; it looked a lot worse, and not quite after; its even tidier now and a number of those covers are now real books)

and some lovely shots of some journals I have stitched, using Ken's handmade paper as covers... I did some monoprints on the some of the covers - feathers, string and ferns.

Ken is also on the map so to speak and I recommend anybody coming up our way also drop in and see the magic he creates in his studio space.

So August 20 and 21, and 27 and 28, 10am - 4pm - if you are nearby, drop by! We'll have the kettle on and some home baked biscuits if you want to sit and have a chat about what we do.

And sign our visitors book!


  1. Great space! Hope you get lots of visitors.

  2. Great space, love studio shots, more please. All the best with the studio tour.

  3. What a great space to visit! Wish I could be there but I'm sure you will blog about it and give me the next best thing!

  4. I would love to stop by...the one draw back to internet connections is they don't transport well (yet). Best of luck to you all for a good and interesting turn out.

  5. Thanks all - it's a new space so we are adapting to it, but so far so good. We hope a few folk drop by for chats and purchases as well.

    I will definitely load more photos of the studio space and will keep you posted with how we go. It oils be so much fun if folk could drop in from all over!

  6. Looking good, Fiona! I'm looking forward in seeing your new work space. K

  7. Lee Oldford ChurchillAugust 16, 2011 at 2:55 AM

    Hi Fiona,
    Your space looks amazing! I thought you'd find this bookinteresting -

  8. Thanks Kim - it's always great to check out each other's spaces!

    Hi Lee - thanks for the good wishes and the link - the book is a stunner!


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