Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

An artist’s duty is rather to stay open-minded and in a state where he can receive information and inspiration. You always have to be ready for that little artistic epiphany.
Nick Cave

Nick Cave is one of Australia's most interesting exports...his work/music can appear dark and damned at times; but he has also written some of the most exquisite and sublime lines and songs, that make you stop and just want to be with him in that moment.

The bit I like in particular about this thought is the final idea of the little artistic epiphany. I can almost visualise it, see it appear, feel it happen and hear it go 'pop'!  Those moments when we suddenly realise this is it, it's working it's coming together and here I have made my own special brand of magic.

The epiphany can be an understanding as well - the moment at which we finally 'get' how this comes together, what it takes, what it is about the work that nourishes our soul. An insight, a truth, an ah-ha.

The other theme that resonates for me is the need for openness - to be willing to be empty in a way, in order for the inspiration and little guiding moments to make themselves apparent. A bit like needing silence in order to hear things.

Sometimes a regular routine of exercises might get us into this zone; sometimes just going and sitting in the studio can help; meditation, yoga, exercise, all things that help clear and empty our minds of chatter might make it easier; going places or simply choosing to be observant or allowing for a free-thought flows of connecting...all encourage us to be open to inspiration.


  1. This is writen with such feeling and understanding and I totally love it.

  2. This post resonates so much Fiona. Wonderful.

  3. Thursday is always well-timed for me. Your post always inspires and this one is no different.

  4. Thanks ever.

    Alison - I love that you love it! I have these moments occasionally and they leave me with awe and wonder.

    Lesley - so glad it resonates; you know those moments too!

    Jo - so pleased Thursday works for you; nice to know you get a little lift!

  5. I love the idea of artist as receiver. Not that giving of yourself in the form of your work is a bad thing, but it seems too many artists out there get so concerned with expressing themselves or producing stuff they forget that creativity is not a one way street! Art should flow through you, not just come out of you - and that means being open. By the way, love Nick Cave and did not know he was one of yours!

  6. We live for that little artistic epiphany don't we?! What a wonderful life .... to be an artist.

  7. Hi G/TT - it's an interesting thought isn't it - that we are recipients not just producers? Not surprised at all that you have a Nick Cave thing going on!

    Robyn - so true; those moments are pure magic aren't they? And yes, I am truly grateful to have art in my life.


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