Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reward for weeding and pruning

Barry has already posted on this little fella, but I think he deserves a double spotlight.

On Sunday we were busy preparing for the Creative Spaces - Open Studios, which are taking place up here on the Range the last two weekends in August (20 & 21, 27 & 28). About 25 studios with 30 artists will be open from 10am - 4pm on both weekends, with lots of interesting things happening and doing. Both Barry and I are opening our studio 601 MVR, click here for Barry's page and here for mine.

One good thing about this event, is that we will be working; getting dirty, rusting paper, making prints, stitching quietly or whatever takes our fancy, during the four days which makes it a bit more interesting for visitors I think, but back to Sunday.

We had done a lot of weeding and pruning, had fished one leech off Barry's leg already, viewed an exquisitely bright green spider under the mulch and kept on going, when Barry said - "come and have a look at this little guy..."

I figured, a slug, another spider or maybe a bird, but I never imagined an echidna!

We spent a blissful hour or so following him or her around the block, trying to make sure it was safe from Sunday drivers, and just watching it at work, getting enough ants for a meal. It was a precious time.

I have never spent any time with an echidna before - they usually seem quite shy and in a hurry to get away from folk, but this one was content to go about its business in our company; coming about 6 inches away from me at one point.

Here are some shots and maybe a video...it covered a lot of territory and ranged across the whole block.

For some obscure reason, the video setting was on kind of black and white, which makes for interesting viewing...


  1. fabulous to find this fellow so friendly - and love the video addition - clever you xoxoxoxo

  2. I saw Barry's post re: this little guy and kept meaning to leave a note. As cute as the echidna is, it was the view, in his first photo I think, that really caught my eye. How splendid a view that is!

  3. seeing the echidna moving totally changed things! thanks!!!

  4. Ah Noela - it was precious moment. Sometimes the videos work, sometimes not and I can't figure it out yet!

    Jennifer - glad you enjoyed the little critter and the view. We are very lucky; we have an acre of land and a 70km (50 mile) view...

    V- it didn't move muc in the video; but yeah, it kind of helps doesn't it? It actually waddles..

  5. Fortunate you indeed. A rare and precious find in a backyard.

  6. i LOVE echidnas!

    of course all work must cease the moment an echidna appears - its such a rare and precious thing - lucky you!

  7. Jo - it was very cool; I sat and almost had a tear in my eye it was so remarkable to share the hour with this creature

    Ronnie - I can understand why! They are gorgeous and industrious and oh so special. Downing tools for an hour seemed the least we could do in return for its presence and willingness to wander unconcernedly about the place...

  8. How wonderful! A kind blogger actually sent me some echidna spines all the way from Australia.

  9. Wonderful creature! So, how long before this sighting works its way into your imagination and we start seeing paper works with modified bristles and spines?

  10. Robyn - how generous! We didn't get to gather any from this fella but we do keep an eye out for those who don't make it across the road...

    G/TT - cool huh?!?! I wonder where it will end up too - Barry has done some great bowls with the spines before. For me, it left me with this most amazing feeling of gratitude for its presence...so I expect that sense might flow...


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