Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Creativity is subjective, and your art will find its tribe. Your dream has its own heartbeat. Listen for it.

Patti Digh

I think the further I go along this meandering, occasionally rocky path called art, the more I realise the truth of these words.  I began in a place where I thought if I only had time to be an artist and make stuff, then the rest (fortune, fame and fabulousness) would follow.

Naive. Guilty as charged.

I had a major realisation about a year ago - that I work in a very very niche way. I don't do landscapes. I don't paint portraits. I'm not an abstract artist. I make calligraphic and printed and stitched books. I love rust in all its manifestations - on fabric on paper, on itself. Sometimes I make things for walls too. Oh and metal books are a favourite; and I like pebbles and timber as well.  Words and poetry and text and pondering make me happy.

Eclectic is me; yet there are also clearly markers that make the works mine.  This is my dream's heartbeat; this is the art that I make.

Blogging has been a wonderful way to discover 'my tribe'. In amongst the millions and billions of folk living on this planet, I have been able to find people who belong to my tribe; yet who live thousands and thousands of kilometres or miles away. Over oceans and mountains and prairies and deserts, through forests and canyons, and metropolis'. The tribe can be found in all of these places - we recognise kin as our works whisper "s/he's one of ours" to each other.

Its a great reminder that creativity is subjective - some folk will love it others just won't get it. Not many people will actually buy it. It's great to connect with the people who get your work and how you approach it and think about it. It's great to know you're not alone...

©2008 Fiona Dempster, Bush glyphs - heartbeat


  1. Beautiful - I'm with you [tribe and all], love the heart xoxoxo

  2. What a lucky tribe we are!

    The riches of art making for me are that it is a path, an ongoing exploration and a great puzzle to solve one small piece at a time. I am always curious to see what comes up from that deep well we all draw from.

    Selling art is kind of odd, really. I applaud those who do and can make a living that way. For myself, art creates a layer of meaning, which is worth all the tea in China.

    I hear the tribal drum beat...

  3. I actually don't know what i would do without my blogging art tribe..... and am really enjoying your Thursday Thoughts.

  4. This piece is so incredible! I know what you mean in this post. It seems that some words or art or postings just "hit" you the right way and you feel "at home". I guess that is what you mean by tribe. Can you tell me more about this piece? I am so curious about it.

  5. very well said. this is exactly what this weird internet forum has done for many of us. i feel lucky to have *met* you and *seen* your work. now if we could only work out the little problem of experiencing this in person.

  6. Yes, well said, F! How would I have ever found you except through the little breadcrumb trails available to follow on Blogger? It's such a wonderful process, creating this virtual community of kindred spirits, and there is guaranteed support and sympathy because it is so self-selecting. No risk of not being to someone's taste or fitting their agenda - plenty of that to be had in the outside world! It's pretty amazing that people end up following you because they were looking for and respond to exactly the kind of person you are and the work you do! Where else would you find that without leaving the comfort of home and a slow cup of morning coffee? I am grateful for the niche you occupy and express so well! Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi N - yes,it's good to be a part of it! The heart is pretty magical yeah...

    Jennifer - so glad to be part of it together...

    Leslie - I agree about the making of art for really is about the making of art for meaning..I'm so pleased the tribal beat reaches us all.

    Robyn - thank you; and yes, it's a fabulous way to be in the world, with this tribe of fellow travellers...

    Teri - thank you, and it is about just feeling right I think. This is a trick piece - it's a sideways photograph of a gum tree. We get these little animals that "scribble" their trails in the bark - we call the trees 'scribbly bark" as a result. I loved that it left this little heart mark...and would love to be able to produce such a piece myself

    Hi Velma - yes, it does feel like we've *met* and *seen* each other's work; as you say, now we just have to work out how to do it face to face! One day perhaps..

    G/TT - I love two things here - the breadcrumb trail (you always give me such visuals with your writing) and the idea that people choose to spend time with you because you are just what they are looking for - how brilliant! It's a special time to be alive and be bale to share in this way, go well!


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