Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Art Object - next edition

Sara from DoubleElephant blog fame who also organises the Book Art Object 'project/event/challenge' has set up the next Edition and it's general approach and rules over at the Book Art Object blog. She has also sent out a request for newcomers - so if you are interested in joining up for this year, read on and then pop on over to BAO where you can read more about it and register on-line.

There are a hundred titles and each person who registers will work on a title, making an edition of around 12-15 books to share firstly with the group they are in (there is an allocation process), and secondly with the author of the book-titles,  with a few spare to share around for exhibitions and collections (and selling if you so desire).

Individuals post to the blog with updates, and share the process of their books' development.

I really enjoyed my first foray into edition making and have received some wonderful books as part of the group I was in this year - working with Claire Beynon's poem "Paper Wrestling".

If you are a book artist with a bit of a desire to make an edition, work with a set theme, and share your books with others it's a wonderful project to get involved in. Participants pay their own costs for the making of their edition, and for sending their books off to other participants and to Sara for collating and sending to the author and exhibitions etc.

You then end up getting books in return from the other folk and your collection grows. See books from the first three editions here.

©2011 Fiona Dempster - Paper Wrestling for BAO Edition2

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