Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a little bit of fiddling fun

The world is just too crazy at the moment for me to even contemplate real or proper pieces, but I did manage to get into the studio momentarily and make a bunch of book marks for my book group members.

We had our end of year lunch today, chatted about the book we had been reading and I was able to give everybody an embossed star bookmark.

They looked really nice all grouped together and are just  a small token to say thanks for the fun and for putting up with me being absent so often this year...


  1. Fiona, you know me, I love embossing things and these are lovely. What a great idea for book lovers anywhere. Simply beautiful.

  2. Fiona, these are so beautiful!
    I bet they all love them/you!!!

  3. Fiona, these book marks are lovely. And your finished Alaw piece is just stunning! Thank you for the inspiration. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.

  4. Fiona, these are simple,useful and I'm sure your book reading friends will love them too.

    The Alaw piece is so colourfuland beautifully presented.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Thanks Noela - sometimes simple can be sweet!

    Ahh Lesley we could start a group - embossing is us! They were quick and simple but look good together. Anything to do with books has got to be a good thing...

    Hi Anna - they worked out well for a bit of fun and fiddling...

    Thanks Jane - the alaw piece is a bit of bold and bright fun; and these are the total opposite in a way - quiet and simple.

    Thanks Alison - I'm glad you enjoyed them. I like simple and useful too!

  6. Love this post title, except ow I'm imagining you with a fiddle tucked under your chin! Are you a secret violinist???

    I love your star bookmarks.

  7. You can never have too many bookmarks, and these are simple, elegant, and just beautiful. Happy Christmas Fiona.

  8. Oh Annie - I laughed! Shows how much experience and context play into understanding...I have to confess no fiddler/violinist here - just a person sitting fiddling with paper, as ever...

    Thanks Jo - I agree and have loads of bookmarks! Happy Christmas to you as well.


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