Friday, December 2, 2011

COMA exhibition - 12 days of Christmas

We delivered our works and our words to Ken this week and helped hang the exhibition at Maple 3 cafe here in Maleny on Monday.  Tomorrow we all head into town for a cuppa and a bit of a catch-up chin wag really. It runs from 28 November to 28 December and all pieces are priced at $120.

In the end I went for a most minimalist piece. Gosh, I could hear the noise of you all falling off your chairs from here! Laugh!

I had played around with different arrangements for the rings, but they all felt uncomfortable and I just couldn't get the balance and the feel of them right. I finally asked myself what they would look like in a line - and I felt better immediately.

So I have painted the canvas a lovely dove grey colour (the photographs do not do it justice) and then attached the rings. I ran 5 lines of a crimpled metal thread around the canvas as well to give a bit of a change in direction for the piece.

Its certainly not all that Christmassy; but I figured its pretty much me.

PS - Two more days for the give-away!


  1. when in doubt go for a formal layout..... lots of luck with the show Fiona xx

  2. Less is more Fiona - much much more. Stunning in its execution. Hope it shines out in the show.

  3. Good advice Ronnie - it worked for me this time - everything else seemed contrived and out of balance.

    Ahh Lesley - thank you- as ever for me, the less is more thing. I mentioned to another Leslie last night that I came across this quote on tumblr - if less is more then nothing is everything...which I kind of agree with in a way! I sometimes think I will reduce my work to nothing...

  4. Heaven forbid you should produce nothing! Your work so appeals to me that I have awarded you the "Liebster" blog award. getails can be found on my blog.

  5. What an exquisite piece! Less truly is more.

  6. Me too Trace!

    Funny one Jo - I have a feeling that's what could happen if I keep taking things away and subtracting!

    Thanks Jennifer - I do like less!


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