Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A couple of nice opportunities

I was thrilled to hear back from Gallery East last week, letting me know that my book "Learning my Lines" had been accepted for showing in their exhibition called "Between the Sheets - 2012 Artists' Books Exhibition".

The gallery is in Fremantle (the other side of the country, near Perth) and it looks lovely (from the inter-web view I have managed). The exhibition will be shared with the Midland Junction Arts Centre just north of Perth as well, and I'm not yet sure where my wee book will be.

I am fond of this book and hope it enjoys its trip across the Nullabor and its interactions with the folk who wander past it. If there are any friends or arty-book people out there who might be in or around Fremantle or  Midland between 13 January and 5 February 2012 please let me know if you get to go along - it's too far for me to make this trip this time.

I also recently packaged up another book - this time my book "Absences" is headed to Kyneton in Victoria where it will be displayed as part of Stockroom's exhibition called "You are here - a group exhibition exploring location, mapping and the artist's role in the world". The exhibition runs from 10 December 2011 to 8 January 2012, and again, if any friends or arty-book people are in the area I'd love to hear how it looks and how the show goes!

On another note, but also speaking of opportunities... it looks as if we'll be doing a A Letter a Week again in 2012. Most of the current folk are hoping to continue, but we would also welcome any newcomers who might be interested in participating. We have sculptors, calligraphers, textile artists, ceramicists, graphic designers and other folk who just love letters...so if you'd like to join in the challenge for 2012 - please contact me and I will get in touch to let you know the details...


  1. Gallery east is very nice. If I am there I will most certainly pop in for a look. And I am considering the letter a week project, can you send me the details? ta te

  2. Congratulations!! Wishing I was near Perth.

  3. Not surprised at all that your pieces are in demand far and wide. They deserve a wide audience. As for that letter a week idea, do you think I might have a go? Not sure what it's all about so perhaps you could let me know? (Let me down gently!)

  4. As Perth is my hometown I know Gallery East well...as I do many of the WA artists who are in the exhibition with you. It is a great gallery and I look forward to checking out the exhibition when it is online. Congratulations.

  5. Congrats on all the exhibiting opportunities - so nice to be able to share your fabulous art with other like minded souls out there xoxoxo

  6. Man o man - I've just been looking at the 2011 letters of the week - they are just so amazing. I love alphabets and would love to join for 2012, but am feeling a bit unsure as to whether I'm creative enough. Then again - perhaps the challenge will inspire me to be MORE creative...so is it possible to find out more and take a few days to think about it?
    Thanks. Kate

  7. Congratulations Fiona! Learning my Lines needs and deserves to be seen. Love it!

  8. Congrats Fiona and well deserved. I drool over that lovely stack of books wrapped with metal bands, and a handle just waiting to be carried away. Could you put it in santa's sleigh and send it north? I promise to be a good girl.

  9. Congratulations Fiona, I'm thrilled for you!

  10. Your work is doing nearly as much travelling as you. Good onya Fiona.

  11. Congratulations Fiona! It takes persistent effort to get your work "out there". My niece lives near Kyneton so I'll mention the exhibition at Stockroom to her. I'd love to see "Absences" in the flesh.

  12. Hi Trace - of course you are back in the west - sometimes I am slow to make connections. It's good to hear the gallery is a nice one - it seemed to be!

    Thanks Annie - me too!

    Thanks Ronnie - its nice to get work out there now and again...

    Thanks you for your kind words Lesley - I like these two pieces and am happy for them to be out and about.

    Another connection in the west! Thanks Vicki - I don't think I recognise any of the names so feel a bit like an interloper...

    Thanks Ms N - its nice to have these two on the road...

    Hi Kate - we love folk who love letters, so I shall send you the info and see what you think. There are some truly amazing works being created over there...

    Thank you Robyn - it's nice to hear that other folk like it as well. I'm pleased it has the chance to be seen some more.

    Ah Liz - I'm sure it would enjoy a trip to your place - and would look lovely in all that beautiful light you have going at the moment! Thanks for liking it...

    Thanks Jane - your congrats are warmly appreciated!

    True Jo - if only I could have organised to be working in Perth in January...but I am very happy to be home on the mountain and letting the pieces do the travelling for now.

    Thank you Amanda - that would be cool if she could get there; I have a friend going to the opening on Saturday so am excited by that too!


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