Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

“Songs are really just very interesting things to be doing with the air.”

Tom Waits

Today's Thursday Thought is supposed to be about life. Following my sequence that goes art, life, books, art, life, books we find ourselves thinking about life today. What I thought I would be writing about was something like - SLOW DOWN NOW!  But I couldn't find a piece that resonated with just how I really felt ; nonetheless, this one caught my eye and played with me a bit.

Truly, what a fabulous thing to think of - that songs are really just very interesting things to do with the air! Like books are just very interesting things to do with paper. Like love is a very interesting thing to do with your brain. Like a splendid meal is just a very interesting thing to do with heat....

It's a bit about air being the basis of songs that are sung I guess and that being creative with how you use and express and expel air creates the song. It reminds us of just what can be achieved when we bring our experience, talent and skill, and add it a simple thing. Like air. 

It kind of ignores the very interesting thing that people did with their brains when they put words together with music - but the expression of a song is a very interesting thing to do with air; in fact one of the most interesting I guess.

On a less than literal level however, I think it shows a degree of flexibility in thinking about things that we do. It makes me break things down into their component parts; and it also acts as a gentle reminder whenever I might get carried away with whatever clever thing I think I might have done; to remember that  in the end it's all pretty simple, and to keep it simple.

Here's to simplicity...

©2011 Fiona Dempster - Alyangula heart leaf


  1. Love the quote. Such a unique way to think.

  2. I thoroughly agree - if only I could turn my mind off at will, I think I would be in total bliss - but there I go thinking again :) xoxoxo

  3. Air is such an interesting thing on which to ponder. We are surrounded by it, dependent upon it, yet give it little thought. Love the quote, gives substance to the air.

  4. simplicity is nigh unto impossible. but necessary.

  5. Great quote, and a perfectly timely reminder to keep it simple!

  6. Hi Jennifer - so true; I love minds that can go around corners like that!

    Ahh N - sometimes it gets filled right to he top doesn't it?!

    Thank Jo - art and life are always worth a ponder I reckon. The quote is quite remarkable.

    Thanks Velma - the eternal quest perhaps? I continue to strive...

    Hi G/TT - a great mind at work me thinks; how wonderful to experience and express life like that. It's definitely time to keep it simple, and keep breathing. Go well!

  7. That is a fabulous quote Fiona. Your response is as perfectly put as ever.

  8. Yes SLOW DOWN NOW is exactly what i am saying to myself. Life has been hectic! Great quote and as PM commented, your response to the quote is perfect.I LOVE the image of the heart shaped leaf and coral bits too.

  9. Hi Lesely - thank you. I like my Thursday pondering time - the quotes make me stop and think about things I would otherwise glance at and go oh that's nice...and then move on by swiftly.

    Thanks Robyn - it deserved capital letters didn't it? Madness indeed; but a reminder to keep things simple never goes astray. And isn't nature remarkable - a heart leaf on a coral beach? Feel free to tumblr!


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